Samsung Galaxy AI
Circle to Search will reportedly get a new feature - the ability to share screenshots. Wikimedia Commons

Samsung and Google's AI collaboration keeps getting stronger. The famous Circle to Search tool on the Galaxy S24 is about to gain a new feature, proving the tech giants are constantly refining their AI offerings.

Circle to Search is a handy AI feature that lets you seamlessly look up images. Draw a circle around or tap the image you're interested in, and relevant information appears in a pop-up window. No need to switch apps! Once you're done, dismiss the window and return to where you left off.

Circle to Search initially focused on finding shopping info for circled objects. However, its capabilities extend beyond that, allowing searches for details on landmarks, animals, and even plants. Now, leaked code hints at an exciting upgrade for Circle to Search.

Circle to Search: A New Feature Could Be In The Offing

If the recently spotted code is anything to go by, Circle to Search will soon let you capture screenshots of specific areas and share them directly, streamlining the process of sharing what's on your screen.

Eagle-eyed app investigator AssembleDebug unearthed hidden code in Google apps suggesting Circle to Search will gain screenshot functionality. Their discovery, complete with a video showcasing the feature, was reported by PiunikaWeb.

The familiar circling gesture remains, but now you can fine-tune your selection with handy resize handles for pinpoint accuracy (a welcome improvement, considering the current Circle to Search can be imprecise for screenshots). Once you're happy, "Copy Image" and "Share Image" buttons appear for easy capture and distribution.

The "Share Image" option is particularly exciting. It suggests seamless screenshot sharing, similar to Circle to Search results. Without switching apps, you will be able to capture, share, and get back to what you were doing – an actual time-saver that keeps your workflow uninterrupted.

The purported screenshot-sharing functionality further enhances Circle to Search by solving a pain point users initially had after trying Circle to Search at the S24 launch - the lack of a seamless sharing option. This new feature keeps you in the flow, making screenshot sharing a breeze.

While Circle to Search dazzled Samsung fans at launch, there were a few concerns. Its initial focus on e-commerce results sparked worries that it might fall victim to the same issues plaguing web searches today. Notably, web searches have become cluttered with irrelevant information.

Pushing the Boundaries of AI-powered Phones

A collaborative effort by Google and Samsung, Circle to Search debuted as a Galaxy S24 exclusive. However, it was only a short time before Pixel 8 users gained access to the handy feature. Samsung further expanded its reach by bringing Circle to Search to older Galaxy devices, like the S23, along with the rest of the Galaxy AI features.

While Google and Samsung chart their course for AI features, it's hard not to notice Apple taking a wait-and-see approach. This year's iOS 18 promises its own AI advancements, but by then, a significant portion of Android users will be wielding powerful AI tools like the ever-evolving Circle to Search. This edge could prove substantial.

Samsung's focus on promoting the Galaxy S24's AI features makes perfect sense. After all, a recent study indicates that a quarter of Galaxy S24 users prioritize AI functionalities when choosing a phone.