After months of rumours and speculation, Samsung finally launched its new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3 on 3 May. The device flaunts a 4.8in Super AMOLED display with PenTile sub-pixels. The new display is expected to be much crisper and sharper when compared to other screens owing to higher pixel density. Users could be upset to see the display which is already integrated in the Galaxy Nexus. Tech enthusiasts could be expecting something which could deal a killer blow. Samsung's choice to use PenTile layout in its devices could be to ensure durability and longevity.

Samsung Galaxy S3: PenTile Display Offers Longevity?
Samsung Galaxy S3 Features Super AMOLED display with PenTile sub-pixels

Samsung's Philip Berne has explained the reason behind the usage of PenTile layout to Mobile Burn. It is reported that the blue sub-pixels on AMOLED displays will deteriorate faster when compared to red and green sub-pixels. In a PenTile layout, the arrangement of sub-pixels include RGBG (red, green, blue, green) format. Certainly, there are more green sub-pixels and very few red or blue sub-pixels in it than RGB layout. Hence, the AMOLED displays that include PenTile layout will reportedly offer longevity than the RGB layout.

Berne added that Samsung users usually kept their gadgets for 18 months or longer, and so they have to provide peak performance. So, the smartphone uses a PenTile AMOLED display as it lasts longer.

Some users complain that PenTile displays do not offer a crisp look as an RGB display. Perhaps, there is odd colour fringing along the edges of images. "While Berne did agree that the PenTile arrangement's faults are pronounced at lower resolutions, such as qHD or WVGA, high-resolution displays hide the problems due to sheer density of pixels," elaborates Mobile Burn.

Bern emphasised that the Galaxy S3 has been improved over the Galaxy Nexus's 4.65in 720p Super AMOLED screen as it incorporates smaller gaps in its sub-pixel matrix resulting in reduced fringing effects of the PenTile layout.

The argument over the PenTile and RGB layouts may reduce as the technology reaches the peak with the debut of higher density displays in the upcoming smartphones.