The people of Scotland are preparing to vote in the upcoming independence referendum on 18 September, and in on Edinburgh bakery you can already vote, with your stomach.

Cukoo's Bakery are offering Saltire decorated YES cakes, Union Jack coated NO cakes, and UNDECIDED cakes for those who still haven't made up their minds – and keeping a tally of which cake is selling the most.

"I think we wanted to do something that was a bit colourful, interesting, fun, giving people that kind of lighter response to politics and I think customers have really enjoyed seeing the polling results and just getting involved with it," said Graham Savage, co-owner of Cukoo's Bakery.

The referendum themed cupcakes have certainly gone down a treat with customers.

"I'm doing a business meeting talking about the referendum and came to get some cupcakes to follow all the bacon rolls that we're going to have, realised that the shop offered a choice of cakes and I've chosen the 'No thanks' cakes because I very much hope that Scotland remains in the United Kingdom," said Leslie, a customer at the shop.

So do a slim majority of the bakery's customers it seems, with the NO cakes just outselling YES cakes on 41%. Just like the referendum polls, Graham says that their cupcake poll is narrowing.

"You can see from the polling results here besides me the Yes campaign has kind of increased just recently but we have seen the No campaign mainly in the lead. It's kind of fluctuated, so we've been showing the swing week-from-week and customers have been coming past the shop to check out the polling results," Savage said.

A tasty and harmless bit of fun then, but the big decision for many will be made when they cast their votes in the historic referendum on Thursday. How accurate the cupcake poll is of the final result remains to be seen.