David Cameron has agreed to Scotland having a referendum over whether it should secede from the United Kingdom in Autumn 2014. The Prime Minister agreed the deal with First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond in which a simple yes/no question will be asked on whether Scotland should leave the UK.

The agreement is due to be signed by the two in Edinburgh, and will give 16 and 17 year olds the ability to vote in the ballot.

Speaking ahead of the meeting Mr Salmond said:

"The agreement will see Scotland take an important step toward independence, and the means to create a fairer and more prosperous Scotland. I look forward to working positively for a 'yes' vote in 2014."

Mr Cameron will say in a speech later today:

"It paves the way so that the biggest question of all can be settled: a separate Scotland or a United Kingdom? I will be making a very positive argument for our United Kingdom.

The referendum has come after the Scottish National Party, who seek independence for the nation, won a majority in the Scottish Parliament elections last year.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner