Ever wondered how many people you've been sexually exposed to? Well now you have the chance to quench your curiosity with LloydsPharmacy's Sex Degrees of Separation calculator.

Going by the six degrees of separation theory, which suggests that we are all connected to each other by just six people, the test asks you how many sexual partners you have had, at what ages, and then the testers "multiply this by the number of partners they are statistically likely to have had, and by the partners of those partners, and the partners of those partners, (and so on) for six stages, or 'degrees', to estimate how many indirect partners you could have been exposed to sexually", it says on the website.

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For example, the average number of people that Britons have slept with is nine. Going by the calculator's results, this means that the average Brit has been sexually exposed to a staggering 3,917,918 people. The aim of the test, Lloyds says, is to raise awareness of STIs which are on the up.

LloydsPharmacy's online doctor, Dr Gigi Taguri, told the MailOnline: "Your risk of being exposed to an STI increases exponentially with each new partner. But importantly it's not just your direct partners that you have to worry about, but your partners' partners, and their partners' partners, and so on. They are indirect sexual connections.

"Additionally, even after using condoms you are still exposed to several types of STI including genital warts and herpes, often through skin-to-skin contact, oral sex and sex toys as well as penetrative sex. So the key message is not just to practice safe sex, but also to get regularly tested for STIs."