Windows 10 Build 10061 Solitaire
Solitaire was removed with Windows 8 – but it returns as part of Windows 10 Microsoft

Solitaire returns to the Microsoft fold with the latest build of Windows 10 just in time to celebrate its 25 anniversary.

Microsoft has pushed out the latest build of Windows 10 Technical Preview, bringing a multitude of new features including updated mail and calendar apps, a resizable start menu and the ability to boot directly to tablet mode.

However, for those who like a bit of nostalgia, it will be the reintroduction of Solitaire as a pre-installed app that will be the most important addition.

Solitaire was first pre-installed on Windows 3.0 in May, 1990 and was present in all builds of Microsoft's market leading software until the introduction of Windows 8 when the company decided to offer it only as an app available through the Windows Store.

Windows 10 Solitaire
The new version of Solitaire doesn\'t look much different from earlier versions Microsoft

Microsoft has clearly seen the error of its ways, however, and included the addictive card game – as the Microsoft Solitaire Collection – in the latest build of Windows 10 and will offer it to all users in the final version of the redesigned software when it is released this summer.

New features

The preview version of the app will not save any user data when it is closed but you will be able to try out the various game modes available (Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, and TriPeaks) as well as take part in daily challenges, unlock achievements and see the various themes you can select from.

If Solitaire is not your thing, then Windows 10 Build 10061 offers a lot of significant updates from the previous version of the Technical Preview.

Here are Microsoft's release notes:

Windows 10 launch

Microsoft has said that it will launch Windows 10 this summer but earlier this week, the CEO of chip maker AMD accidentally gave an even more specific date saying that Windows 10 would launch at the end of July.

Windows 10 is a radical overhaul of Microsoft's market leading software and will run on everything from desktop computers, to laptops, tablets, smartphones, servers and even Internet of Things devices.

The company also released a new version of its Technical Preview for phones this week ahead of the company's Build developer conference in San Francisco which kicks off on 29 April.