Sony's PlayStation 5 has been rumored to be in the works for years, but it seems that the company is finally ready to launch the next generation of the gaming console. A patent pertaining to the device was spotted at the Brazil patent authority and has also made its way to the World Intellectual Property Office database.

The patent has some interesting revelations – it states that the device will have a "V" shape, which is the Roman numeral for five, and will have fans on either side to keep it cool during intensive gaming sessions. Overheating has been a consistent complaint with the current generation of the PlayStation. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is designed to overcome that issue.

In the patent, Sony calls the device "data processing equipment and peripheral equipment" – a common euphemism for gaming consoles. Some developers like Codemasters' Matthew Stott have confirmed that they have received a developers' kit for the device. On Monday, he posted then immediately deleted a tweet that said:"it's a dev kit, we have some in the office. Sony Patent shows PlayStation 5 devkit – or maybe the console itself."

Stott's claim is strange because generally, companies keep such developments under wraps and developers have to sign non-disclosure agreements before receiving such kits.

Other developers have stated that the new console will have a GPU clocked at 2GHz, equal to 9.2 teraflops of RDNA architecture. In terms of graphics, it is expected to have Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 GPU.

According to T3, the device will have a custom-built, highly optimized GPU, which is designed to draw "every last drop of power" from the system. The system is expected to deliver a 4K gaming experience with ease.

However, Sony is not officially expected to unveil the console this year. The device is expected to only be launched by Christmas 2020.

PlayStation logo
Official PlayStation logo. Credit: Getty