Giving the proverbial two fingers to its naysayers, Sony's head of computer entertainment has issued a fresh statement claiming PS3 sales are ahead of company projections.

Speaking to Reuters, head of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House reaffirmed the company's faith in its flagship games console. House clarified Sony was keeping its original goal to sell 15 million PlayStation 3s by the end of its financial year in March 2012.

House's comments come just after new research by the NPD group forecast that the PS3 would lose out to the Xbox 360 this holiday season. Specifically, NPD analysts reported Sony had only sold 900,000 PS3 consoles in November -- this compared to the 1.7 million sales NPD listed Microsoft's Xbox 360 as boasting.

The study added fuel to the anti-Sony fire, making analysts once again question whether the company's games division will be able to follow up its 2011 success. The company's 2011 fiscal year was the first time Sony Computer Entertainment had turned a profit in five years, with the unit's sales speaking for more than 10 per cent of the company's total yearly revenue.

Whatever the case, as noted by NPD, the company will be hoping for a strong performance from the games division as a whole, with its Bravia series of televisions continuing to underperform.

In its last quarterly financial release, Sony posted a disappointing £219 million quarterly loss. Following the announcement Sony was forced to slash its yearly forecast, predicting its fourth consecutive full-year net loss. Originally predicting a net gain, in its latest financial statement Sony Corp. ammeded its forecast from a £481 million net profit, to a £721 million loss.

The ongoing poor sales of Sony televisions was cited as a key contributor to the company's poor performance.