Nasa just shared a playlist of spooky space sounds, just in time for Halloween, which the space agency says is "sure to make your skin crawl". Nasa's Halloween playlist includes eerie radio emissions from Saturn to hair-raising sounds from Jupiter's largest moon Ganymede.

The sinister space sounds were recorded by Nasa's various missions over the past few years. Although space lacks a proper medium that would allow sound waves to travel, which literally means no one can hear your screams; it is neither "empty" nor "silent". Instead, there are charged particles in space, governed by magnetic and electric fields.

Nasa explains that these eerie space sounds were actually captured as radiowaves. These radio emissions have in turn been converted into sound waves, which include elusive noises of "howling planets" and whispering sounds from distant stars.

According to Nasa's creepy space music playlist, the eeriest sounds appear to be coming from Jupiter and its various giant moons. For instance, the unnervingly creepy sounds from Jupiter's largest moon Ganymede may make one think it is haunted. The macabre roaring and screeching sounds captured by Nasa's Juno spacecraft came as the spacecraft passed Jupiter's massive magnetic field.

Meanwhile, Saturn, which according to Nasa is "a source of intense radio emissions" appeared to produce a spooky version of Star Trek-like sound effects. Saturn's radio waves, captured by Cassini are "closely related" to the auroras on the planet's poles.

Surprisingly, Nasa also captured radio waves from Earth's own atmosphere that remarkably, sound not unlike birds chirping in a rainforest. "In regions laced with magnetic fields, such as the space environment surrounding our planet, particles are continually tossed to and fro by the motion of various electromagnetic waves known as plasma waves. These plasma waves, like the roaring ocean surf, create a rhythmic cacophony that — with the right tools — we can hear across space," Nasa said earlier this year.

Nasa's playlist provides an interesting insight into the little-known aspects of space, and you can probably play the spooky playlist while handing out candy to trick-or-treaters to bring in a fun intergalactic aspect into your Halloween celebrations.

Nasa spooky space sounds
An artist's illustration of the Milky Way galaxy and its small companions surrounded by a giant halo of million-degree gas Nasa