The typhoon\'s pictured above the Pacific Ocean Google Earth

Japan and south east China are gearing up for a storm as two major typhoons head their way.

Gales and torrential rain are expected to engulf the lower part of China and Japan for the next four days as Nangka and Chan-Hom – as the typhoons have been named – make their journeys, currently around 1,500km apart, above the Pacific Ocean.

Chan-Hom, which has been marked as a category 1 typhoon, is bringing with it wind speeds of up to 135mph that span over 77,000 sq miles and is set to go across the coast of south east China, engulfing cities like Shanghai, which has a population of around 24 million people.

Nangka, category 3, on the other hand has gusts of 140mph. The two are expected to form to create a 'super typhoon'.

To make matters worse, a tropical storm by the name of Linfa has already landed in the Philippines and is expected to move north and hit Hong Kong later this week.

China has called a level-tree emergency response and some 10,000 people have been evacuated in Fujian, according to the country's CCTV.com.