PocketScan is roughly the size of a business card and is able to scan items that could not fit in traditional scanners. PocketScan

Swiss startup Dacuda - the software company behind the scanner mouse - has developed the world's first wireless scanner, designed to outperform and replace traditional scanners.

The company has now turned to crowdfunding site Kickstarter in the hope of finalising the development and start the manufacturing process. Over half of the $50,000 (£29,000) fundraising target has already been reached, only hours after going live earlier today.

"Today everything is mobile – we are using tablets everywhere we go for work and fun," Alexander Ilic, founder of Dacuda, told IBTimes UK. "However, when it comes to scanning we still have to rely on old fashioned or bulky scanners to get high quality results. We wanted to change that."

The scanner uses Dacuda's patented robotic algorithm technology to scan any format up to A3 size, as well as items that don't fit in regular scanners. Content is then transformed into editable text, tables and images and transmitted via bluetooth to PCs, Macs and iOS devices.

"The feedback from early customer studies was amazing," Ilic said. "People think that scanning is finally fun and feels almost like painting. They were impressed how fast and easy it becomes to make content editable within seconds."

The anticipated retail price of PocketScan is $149, though early backers of the Kickstarter fundraiser can expect to pay around $79 for the portable scanner.

"We're almost done," Ilic said. "The prototype already works quite nicely and we only have to apply a few last touches to the software and hardware. Now we only need the support by backers on Kickstarter."