The first step towards a ceasefire in Syria has been agreed and it's been given a warm but cautious welcome.

The deal was brokered by Arab League envoy and former head of the UN Security Council, Kofi Annan. Officials in the capital Damascus told him all troops and heavy weapons from populated areas will be pulling out by next Tuesday, April 10th.

It will come as a relief to Jakob Kellenberger, the Head of the International Committee Red Cross, who's also in the country for talks with minister to reinforce the message that humanitarian aid must be allowed in to reach the people who need it most. Thousands of people caught up in the year-long bloodshed and violence of the civil war urgently need food and medical supplies.

The opposition party, the US and other Western nations are sceptical that President Assad will keep his word and stick to the plan in light of the fact the regime has agreed to a peace plan a number of times over the last few months and then ignored it.