Syrian Unrest
Syrians living in Jordan hold a sign that reads, "Be patient Syria, the victory is written by the blood", while shouting slogans demanding that Syrian President Bashar Assad steps down during a sit-in protest near the Syrian Embassy in Amman June 1, 2011. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

Syrian police snipers shot dead at least three protesters in the main district of Barzeh in Damascus on Friday when they fired at a protest demanding the overthrow of President Bashar al-Assad, Reuters has reported on Friday.

"The 'amn' (security police) first used teargas then they started shooting from rooftops when shoutings against Assad continued. Three youths were killed and I saw two bodies shot in the head and the chest," a resident of Barzeh who gave his name as Hussam said by phone.

"Barzeh has been surrounded by the army and police for days, but protests managed to break out from two mosques. The 'amn' are now chasing protesters in alleyways and firing randomly," he said, with the sound of bullets in the background.

Syrian state television said gunmen fired on security forces, killing three civilians and wounding an officer and several security force personnel in Barzeh.