Two huge explosions have rocked the Syrian capital of Damascus close to military general staff headquarters. According to the country's Information Minister, individual roadside bombs were the culprit.

The city was shrouded in smoke this morning, as emergency services rushed to the scene after the blasts, which rocked the capital around 7am Syrian time. It's believed that at least one of the devices was placed inside the grounds of army command HQ, and the compound caught fire as a result. The bombs blew up within minutes of each other close to a city landmark and one of the busiest areas, Omayyad square. Nearby windows were blown out and people reportedly heard the blasts several miles away.

Officials played down reports that several people has been injured, saying there'd been no casualties. Believing rebel forces are to blame, state TV called it a 'terrorist attack'. The explosions were followed by gunfire, witnesses said, suggesting security forces clashed with gunmen in the high security area.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.