Tariq Jahan, father of Haroon Jahan, 21, who was killed by a speeding car during the riots in Birmingham, has spoken to reporters.

His full statement is printed verbatim below.

He told Sky News: "He was a good lad. Everybody in the community here knew him, because he stood up for the community, and unfortunately he was killed last night with two others that were his friends. I don't know what to say. He was a good lad. Basically, he was standing here defending his community. There were fires down there, they broke into the petrol station, smashed the petrol station, the social club, beat up a few of the people round here. And because he's a young chap, he was inclined to join the community, of all the locals around here, everybody was on the corner and a car come out of nowhere, but god knows what reason and something happened and all I know is that I was standing local here and the accident took place, what, a hundred yards away from me. I heard the thud, ran round, and I seen three people on the ground. My instinct was to help the three people, I didn't know who they were, who'd been injured. I helped the first man and somebody from behind told me that my son was lying dead behind me. So I started CPR on my own son. My face was covered in blood, my hands were covered in blood. Why? Why? The guy who killed him drove directly into the crowd and killed three innocent guys. Why? What was the point in doing that, I don't understand. We're here defending the community of all the problems that are going on in the country and he was trying to help his community. All the local community, it doesn't matter who you are, we were here to help everybody. And he's been killed. He was a good kid. He was a good kid. 21 years old. Everybody loved him in the community. Everybody knew him. He was a very well liked kid, he was. You lose your son, you, I can't describe to anyone what it feels like, to lose your son. He was working with me for one time recently. He left me, got a job as a mechanic, he works as a mechanic just down the road. I miss him. I miss him deeply but like I said before, a day from now, maybe two days from now, the whole world will forget and nobody will care. That's all I have to say, thank you."