Lisa Magill
Lisa has been blogging about her condition for the past year Terminally Fabulous

A terminally ill blogger from Australia has posted an emotionally devastating video discussing the pain she is experiencing as she faces her last days.

Sat in her hospital bed, 34-year-old Lisa Magill from Brisbane told her Facebook followers about how unwell she was and the daily struggles she encounters.

Initially diagnosed with a rare cancerous gastric tumour in 2012, treatment for the condition was completed later that year.

But in 2013 she was told the sad news that her cancer had returned. Since then, she has undergone various treatments to help prolong her life.

In her latest video posted on Tuesday 7 March, she spoke for a short time about some of the pain she was suffering with.

Lisa said: "I'm very unwell and have been in hospital for the past few days.

"I am in pain, my chest, my stomach hurts, everything basically hurts, my legs my arms, I'm so weak.

"I can't actually stand up, I don't have the strength to hold myself up. I've got to have my mum, nurse or friend to take me to the shower."

At times struggling with her words, Lisa fights on to talk about the support she has had since taking her plight online.

"I love you all and without you I wouldn't still be here. You kept me going and gave me the power that I needed when I didn't think I had any left in me.

"Love you loads and stay fabulous and keep rocking.

Terminally Fabulous

"You never know I may be here in five days and say those idiots don't know what they're talking about."

In January 2016 she started to document her struggle through her blog Terminally Fabulous.

Since then, tens of thousands have followed her on Facebook and elsewhere media to stay up to date with her journey.

Hundreds of well-wishers left comments offering their support to Lisa.