The Attorney General, Dominic Grieve speaking at the House of Lords today, is applying to the High court to squash the inquest of 'accidental death', into the deaths of all 96 football fans that died in the Hillsborough stadium crush in 1989.

After an independent report published on the on 12 September, found that the original coroner's reports had been deeply flawed as it emerged that 41 fans could potentially have been saved. Mr Grieve said he was taking the "exceptional course" of considering asking the High Court to overturn the verdicts of 'accidental death', which the victim's families have always challenged. He said "I will apply to have every one of those 96 inquests quashed. As "I believe that these deaths, arising as they do from a common chain of events, should all be considered afresh."

Michael Mansfield QC, who is representing Hillsborough families, said it was an "extremely sensible decision" to apply for fresh inquests.

Mr Grieve also announced that the Home Secretary Theresa May will lead a debate on the Hillsborough panel's report in the Commons on Monday.

Written and presented by Ann Salter