After pictures were leaked of HRH Prince Harry, naked, and having fun in the sun, with girls in Las Vegas, The Sun has broken with established media protocol to become the first British newspaper to publish those naked photographs of Prince Harry - a move which it describes as a "crucial test of Britain's free Press."

But, as the old press adage goes, 'publish and be damned' ,The Sun did just that, and flew in the face of the Palace, who threatened that such a decision would amount to an invasion of privacy - even though the images have been available on the American website TMZ since the 22nd of August.

In an editorial explaining its decision to run the pictures, the Sun describes as "absurd" the notion that it should not be able to use the photographs on its front page - which has been widely circulated and seen by millions online. They added that the photos have potential implications for the Prince's image as he is representing Britain around the world.

However as the pictures hit the news-stands today, it seems not everyone agreed with the newspapers decision, as The Sun said they had already received 150 complaints from the public about the publication. And in response, a spokesperson for St James's Palace said: "We have made our views on Prince Harry's privacy known. Newspapers regulate themselves, so the publication of the photographs is ultimately a decision for editors to make."

Written and presented by Ann Salter.