Three's data service is down since morning and a spate of user complaints regarding "no mobile network" has flooded the company's mailbox.

"Some of our customers are unable to access the Internet. We are working to restore the service as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience," an official from Three reported to Computer World UK.

Users have posted complaints on Twitter regarding their network connectivity. One subscriber complained: "#Three is the worst network ever...can't wait until my contract ends #sigh,"

Know Your Mobile reports that users are however able to make calls and send texts from their devices and it is just the internet connectivity that is not working.

PC Pro reports that Three has not yet confirmed what the issue is and how widespread it is. Users in Brighton, London and Scarborough have all taken to Twitter to complain, suggesting the outage is nationwide.

ThreeUk Tweet (Courtesy:
ThreeUk Tweet (Courtesy:

The report added that Three has already fixed the 3G connection for users in London, and are assuring the network availability in the rest of the areas later.