New analysis found the top 20 most common interests of those looking for love. Pexels

An analysis of over 23,000 Tinder profiles revealed the most popular interests of users when seeking connections on the dating app.

The study suggests that men seeking to make a good impression on Tinder should emphasise their enjoyment of relaxing activities. Women on the app most frequently listed interests in leisure pursuits like reading (6 percent) and casual activities like walking (9 percent).

While women on Tinder most frequently listed relaxing activities like reading and walking, men tended to favour more active interests like sports (16 percent), working out (12 percent) and hiking (5 percent). This analysis was based on data from 13,941 women's and 9,229 men's profiles, where users can showcase up to five interests on the swipe-based dating app.

The good news is that there's a significant overlap in interests between men and women on Tinder. This overlap (interests like reading or walking) creates opportunities for genuine connections based on shared passions.

Despite the gender differences, the study identified a surprisingly manageable pool of 322 unique interests listed by Tinder users. However, despite various interests, a love for adventure is shared.

"Travel ranked as the top interest for both women (24 percent) and men (21 percent), suggesting a shared desire for exploration.

Travel buddies or soulmates? What Tinder users want

"For any singles who hope their future partner shares their wanderlust. Tinder may be where to find them," the researchers said. Many interests emerged as popular choices for both men and women on Tinder. These top ten shared interests included hitting the gym, catching movies, enjoying music, and even sporting tattoos.

The study's authors suggest these are minor opportunities for singles to use data to their advantage. They recommend adjusting how you present your interests on your profile (tone) rather than completely overhauling your personality.

"The findings suggest that men who want the best chances of finding a compatible match on the app may want to slow down and indulge in more relaxing hobbies," according to the study's authors, commissioned by the site CasinoZonder.

Interestingly, women's top 20 interests included more low-key activities absent from the men's list. These chilled vibes included enjoying brunch (6 percent) and prioritising self-care (7 percent). "Women are generally more interested in more calming hobbies, as opposed to getting their blood pumping," the researchers say.

Men's top interests offered some hints for women seeking a sportier connection. Activities like sports (unique to the men's list) might be worth exploring for those looking to expand their horizons. Plus, the prevalence of "comedy" (5 percent) on men's profiles suggests a good sense of humour can go a long way.

"Dating apps and online dating are some of the most common ways to find a partner today," the researchers said. This statement aligns with a 2021 study that revealed long-term relationships can arise from dating apps.

"And the information which potential matches choose to display on their profile is key to figuring out if someone could be compatible with you," the researchers added. To enhance user safety, Tinder allows users to run background checks on potential matches before meeting in person.