Tommy Robinson called on EDL supoprters to follow him out of the anti-Islamist group PIC: IBTimes UK
Post English Defence League Tommy Robinson launches new website and Facebook page IBTimes UK

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson has launched a website dedicated to himself - only for it to immediately crash.

Web users attempting to visit Robinson's site, which is accompanied by a Facebook page, were greeted by a 'Database Error' message, as Robinson admitted on Twitter the project was a "work in progress."

The site URL does not feature the EDL founder's real name, Steven Laxley Lennon.

When the site did eventually launch on web browsers, it was revealed to mainly comprise images of Robinson and a few quotes by him about Islamist extremism.

The appearance of the website coincided with the launch of an official Facebook page for Robinson, describing him as an "avid speaker of truth without fear or compromise".

Taken together, the website and Facebook page could be part of a PR campaign to position Robinson as a mainstream public figure, following his departure from the EDL in October.

Robinson quit the group he founded in 2009 earlier this year, claiming that far right extremists had captured the group while he was serving time in prison for a visa offence.

A reminder of the anti-Muslim sentiment tapped so successfully by the street protest movement was immediately evident on the new Facebook page, with the second comment posted on it reading '"F*** Islam!

The test for the new and revamped Tommy Robinson 2.0 will surely be whether the ugly side of the forces he harnessed through the EDL can be shaken off or not.

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