It had to happen eventually, and to be honest we're surprised that it's taken this long, but drivers can now enjoy being bossed around by Jeremy Clarkson.

TomTom has announced the Go Live Top Gear Edition, featuring Clarkson's voice giving directions - and presumably witty remarks about Prius drivers - as well as directions from the Stig, which are all silent and "a heap of Top Gear bonus goodies."

The Go Live Top Gear includes a year's subscription to TomTom's live traffic update system, which updates every two minutes and can help drivers avoid areas of heavy traffic and road closures by monitoring traffic conditions.

The satnav comes with maps for the UK and Ireland and can also alert the driver of both fixed and mobile speed cameras, should you accidently confuse the M25 for the famous Top Gear Test Track, as well as points of interest selected by Top Gear and local weather conditions.

Retailing exclusively through Halfords - as well as the TomTom website - the Go Live Top Gear Edition will cost £189 and is available now.