Most owners of modern smartphones now take more pictures with their phones than with a dedicated camera, but the results are sometimes disappointing. Follow these tips and you'll be taking better pictures in no time:

Best Tips to Capture Better Pictures with Your Smartphone's Camera
Best Tips to Capture Better Pictures with Your Smartphone's Camera. Image Credit:Nokia

[1] Clean lens

Layers of oil or dirt will accumulate on your camera lens. Keep it clean for the best results.

[2] Stay steady

Blurred images are often the result of shaky hands or strong winds (but see also tip 8). Try to support your phone on a solid object when taking a photo and thus reduce camera movement.

[3] Light adjustment

Before taking a shot, make sure your subject is facing the light. During daytime, you can switch to flash mode to reduce shadows caused by sunlight.

[4] Do not use zoom

The digital zoom on a smartphone camera will never give you top-notch results. When you can, move closer to your subject when taking photos.

[5] Increase resolution

The higher the resolution, the more detailed your pictures.

[6] Try taking photos from different angles

Be creative. If you have time, take several photos of your subject from different angles, and delete the ones you don't like.

[7] Place camera app on home screen

Keep your camera app on the home screen of your smartphone for easy accessibility.

[8] Wait for a moment

Smartphone cameras have a time lag until the image is captured. Hold your camera in position for a few seconds after taking a shot to avoid blurring.