EU referendum polling station London
MPs argued that IDs at polling station would help cut down on electoral fraud REUTERS/Toby Melville

Tory MPs have urged the Government to get a move on in introducing new rules that would ensure people have to produce ID when they vote. Gary Streeter, representing the Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission, told the Commons on Thursday the commission has "recommended strongly since 2014" the use of ID at polling stations.

He added: "It's now a matter for Government and for this House to introduce this more robust new provision."

Sir Eric Pickles' recent review into electoral fraud also backed introducing ID checks when people vote.

Such measures generated support among Tory MPs during Thursday's questions to the Speaker's Committee on the Electoral Commission.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said he had "long-standing, serious concerns" about electoral fraud in some parts of Bradford.

When Davies asked Streeter when the first election requiring ID to vote would be held, Streeter confirmed it was out of the Electoral Commission's hands and was now up to the Government.

Stafford MP Jeremy Lefroy added: "If you want to open a bank account, you have to produce all measure and all manner of identities. Yet to do the most important thing we can in our democracy, which is to vote, you don't have to produce ID."