scottish men dancing
Only 7% of Scottish people say they dance regularly Reuters

A Tory MSP, Jackson Carlaw, said that a recent poll showing a drop in Scottish people dancing is a result of Scotland's SNP government.

"It's clear thousands of people right across Scotland are worn out by the nationalists' narrow-minded constitutional wrangling and grievance agenda," said Carlaw on Wednesday (23 December).

The Scottish Government's annual survey of households found that only 7% of Scottish people said they danced regularly, a drop from 14% eight years earlier – when the SNP came to power. According to Carlaw, the survey is "proof" that the SNP "has sapped the energy from people's feet".

Carlaw has been roundly ridiculed on social media for his comments, giving rise to the hashtag #LetScotlandDance. SNP Shadow Leader of the House, Pete Wishart called the comments hilarious.

Others just made light of the statement...

An SNP spokesman told Scotland's The National newspaper: "This is 'strictly' nonsense – as usual, the Tories are out of step with opinion in Scotland, and are set to be left reeling at the election in May."

The next elections for the Scottish parliament will be held on 5 May 2016.