News just in regarding The Algerian born Toulouse gunman, Mohamed Merah, who is set to be buried in the Muslim quarter of a cemetery in Toulouse, after Algerian authorities refused to accept his body for burial. Is that the funeral will be delayed for 24 hours as The mayor of Toulouse has said gunman's burial in the city would be "inappropriate," as the cemetery is just around the corner from where he carried out his racist murders.

The decision to bury him in France became a necessity after Algerian authorities refused to accept the body of Merah, an Algerian born national and al-Qaeda inspired gunman. Citing 'security issues' as the reason.

Merah was shot by French police after a 30-hour stand-off at his apartment last Thursday after confessing to the murder of three soldiers and three Jewish children and their teacher.

His brother who was also implicated is currently under arrest for aiding and abetting Merah.