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Representative image. Photo: Pixabay

Holidaymakers travelling to Italy this summer must be aware of a very important rule regarding swimming pools in the country.

While most travellers may think they have packed everything for an Italian vacation, a not-so-popular rule in Italy could see people being denied entry into public swimming pools. A person will not be allowed into a pool in Italy if they don't have the correct gear.

Italy's strict swimming pool rule

In swimming pools across Italy, it is mandatory to wear a swimming cap in the water. The rule is in place for hygiene reasons, according to the travel website, Suncamp. "The idea is that by wearing a swim cap you keep flakes of skin, hairs, and other dirt from your head out of the pool," a spokesperson said.

It is understood that public pools sometimes sell swimming hats or offer them on a rental basis if tourists forget to bring one.

It may be understandable if this rule won't go down well with all tourists and especially can be frustrating for holidaymakers travelling with young children. This is because the swimming caps have to be put on as soon as swimmers get into the water. The caps then have to be removed when out of the water. With families on vacation, this procedure could be repeated dozens of times in the course of a day.

Several campsites across Italy are implementing this rule, but some have been accepting requests from their guests to be exempted. Of course, there are campsites where wearing a swimming cap is a strictly enforced rule, but others don't or rarely enforce it. It is advised for tourists to check with the campsites beforehand if they are willing to abide by the rule.

More rules in Italy this summer

Meanwhile, travellers also need to be aware that they need to wash their feet before entering the pool and topless sunbathing is usually banned.

Considering Italy is one of the most popular summer hotspots in Europe, it deals with over-tourism almost every year. Since it leads to a lot of chaos every time, Italy has been coming up with quite a number of strict rules for tourists and locals in the ongoing summer.

Holidaymakers need to wear regular clothes, not swimwear, if they aren't on the beach in some areas of Italy. Tourists have also been fined for eating ice cream in the wrong place or cooking a meal outside.

Earlier it was reported that people have been fined for playing football or other games that involve running or throwing objects along the shores of Lake Garda.

Not just in Italy, but many other European countries this summer have come up with various rules for travellers.

France's swimming pool rule

The swimming pools across France don't allow boys and men to wear long and loose-fitting swimming trunks. It is compulsory to wear tight-fitting trunks or swim briefs. Anyone breaking this rule could be denied entry into a pool in France.

Meanwhile, some campsites allow boys and men to wear long swimming trunks, but they are not allowed to wear a pair of boxer shorts under their swimming trunks.

According to a report in Suncamp, there are two reasons behind the said French swimming pool policy: hygiene and the environment. People usually wear long swimming trunks as a pair of shorts.

"For example, you wear them to the beach or while walking through the city. If you then swim in the swimming pool in the same shorts, you will pollute the water. A pair of tight-fitting swimming trunks holds on to less dirt and people don't usually wear them when wandering around the city for the day," read Suncamp's report.

Regarding the environment, loose swimming trunks hold onto a lot more water than the tight-fitting versions. So, when a swimmer gets in and out of the water a few times, it can save many litres of water.

There are other rules as well at French swimming pools. In some pools, swimmers are forbidden to dive bomb or play with inflatable animals or airbeds in the water, or swim in a T-shirt or other clothing.