DeNa has confirmed that the first Transformers title in its three-year deal with Hasbro will be a digital trading card game.

Transformers Battle Game Optimus_rare_melee

Transformers Battle will be a mobile game that can be played on phone handsets and tablets.

The premise is that the Earth is at war and gamers can choose to either defend the world as the Autobots or play the Decepticons and mine the planet of its resources.

In order to do battle with their friends players must collect Transformers and create a team of powerful robot warriors. Hundreds of Autobots and Decepticons are available to fill the deck and players also have the chance to gain a new Transformer from Cybertron each day by opening the Space Bridge to see which robots arrive.

Transformers cards can be matched with weapons cards to make them stronger. Players who save up material and currency can also fuse cards to create stronger base cards to battle with.

Players create the best possible combinations of melee, ranged and speed attacks and then do battle in fights where three of their robots take on three other droids.

The game contains common, uncommon, rare and super rare cards. Defeating a boss will win rare Transformers cards, or as mentioned above two separate cards can be fused together to make them more powerful. Exclusive 'World Events' will also offer the chance to win Transformers that are only available for a limited time.

Transformers Battle is released by DeNA on its Mobage social gaming platform.

Other trading card games from DeNa currently running on Mobage include Chains of Durandal, Deity Wars, Fantasica, Legend Cards and Rage of Bahamut.