Donald Trump, the real estate tycoon spells extravagance and how!

His recent buy is an amazing $100 million Boeing 757. Donald may have felt a space crunch in his previous Boeing 747 and hence his new buy is twice the size of his previous jet.
His assistant, Amanda Miller stars in a three-minute video tour pointing out all the little extras the plane has to offer.

In true Trump style, he has paid attention to all the small details making this an exuberant buy. His custom-designed 757 is literally a flying Presidential suite.

Up to 42 passengers and Donald of course can relax in the main lounge and watch their favorite movie on the 57-inch television. It is complete with a state-of-the-art sound system and a control box that has a button that instantly gives Mr Trump access to over a thousand of his favourite movies.

Trump's special passengers, not interested in the feature film can watch what they want on their own personal screen built into the sleeper seats.

There are 24-carat gold plated seatbelts to keep the passengers of this luxury plane safe during a bumpy ride.

Trump's master bedroom has its own private bathroom featuring a 24-carat gold plated sink.

The walls of the master bedroom are adorned with gold silk that complements the numerous throw pillows in the room, all of which have the Trump family crest.

The massive $100 million Boeing 757 also includes a guest bedroom and VIP area.

Even the engines of the luxury plane are Rolls Royce.

It was bought for $100 million from Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen in February.

Take a look at Trump's version of extravagance on air.