Twitter is starting a massive clean-up campaign for inactive accounts. If you have a Twitter account but haven't signed in, in the past six months, you may want to sign in or you may lose your username. The social network is purging its platform of inactive users starting Wednesday, December 11.

A Twitter spokesperson told Engadget that the process will be done over several months. The company made it clear that its definition of "active" account refers to accounts that people haven't used in six months – the user needs to sign in once in six months, even if he/she doesn't post.

The company claims that the purge of inactive accounts will make the platform cleaner, accurate, credible and reliable. Users will be able to look for accounts and topics without sifting through inactive accounts. The move may also help curb illegal porn or propaganda on the platform.

Over time, it is expected that many usernames become available. Twitter usernames work just like domain names and sometimes brands provide a chunk of change to a user for a coveted username.

But what will happen to the accounts of people who have passed away or been in the hospital for an extended amount of time?

The company has stated that it will memorialise the accounts of deceased people akin to what Facebook does for accounts of the deceased people. So, you needn't worry about going through and checking the posts of a loved one who has passed away. However, the company is yet to provide information on how this will happen.

What's not clear is how this will take place. What about some accounts that have fallen silent but still have cultural value or audience engagement?

All we know currently is a ton of usernames may soon be freed and available for the taking.

Twitter Illustration
A 3D-printed logo for Twitter is seen in this picture illustration made in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina on January 26, 2016. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic