South Korea and the United States teamed up on Friday (April 26) for a combined amphibious drill as a part of the annual joint U.S.-South Korean exercise "Foal Eagle".

On a seashore near the port city of Pohang, about 370 km (230 miles) south-east of Seoul, 1,500 U.S. marines and 2,000 South Korean marines participated in the joint drill, the combined forces said.

The exercise is designed to test and increase the efficiency of participating personnel in the techniques of amphibious warfare.

The South Korean Marine Corps said four South Korean LSTs (Landing Ship, Tank) and two U.S. LSTs, four U.S. tilt-rotor MV-22 Osprey aircraft and 20 South Korean helicopters were mobilised for the training as well as thirty landing vehicles and F-28 fighters.

On Sunday (April 21) it was reported that North Korea had moved two short-range missile launchers to its east coast, apparently indicating it was pushing ahead with preparations for a test launch, quoting an unidentified South Korean military source.

South Korea and its allies have been expecting some sort of North Korean missile launch during weeks of heightened hostility on the Korean peninsula.

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