UFO sightings have been reported from various parts of the world during New Year celebrations and in London, an eagle eye-shaped flying object was spotted hovering over the London Eye during the fireworks display.

A weird green light was distinctly spotted as fireworks lit the night sky. It appeared to be circular in shape – similar to that of the Huston UFO – and many suspect it was not a Chinese lantern.

The mysterious object was flying in an unusual circular motion, behind the London Eye, and it faded as it moved in the opposite direction of the River Thames, The Metro reported.

Many of those who saw the footage of the alien light on YouTube said that it could have been a UFO, while others believed it to be a drone.

"What strikes me is that whether the UFO is a camera drone or not it catches your attention despite all the fireworks blasting off all around it," UFO expert Nigel Watson told the Metro.

This, however, is not the only UFO spotted on the New Year. Nasa's video feed from the International Space Station has captured some unusual activities as a strange object was spotted flying near the ISS.

UFO Sightings Daily claims that this is the third time some strange activities were spotted near the Space Station.

"Just a few hours ago, this UFO was caught on live NASA cam. Its metallic color glimmers in the reflection of the sunlight and its hull stands out in blackness of space," Scott Waring wrote on 1 January.

"This UFO was only a few hundred meters from the space station. I say that because of the detail on the UFO itself. For it to be in focus, it had to be close. This was caught by UFO researcher Streetcap1 of Youtube who keeps a steady eye on the live cams. I do believe Streetcap1 caught the 1st UFO of 2015," he wrote in his report.