A suspicious red light flashing near the International Space Station has again sparked UFO sighting rumours.

The YouTube video was recorded from the live feeds from the ISS which shows a mysterious red dot flashing in outer space. It appears like a laser beam shot towards earth, Open Minds UFO Investigation reported.

Some people suspect the light to be that of an extraterrestrial spacecraft attempting to communicate with Earth.

While some other people suspect it to be a laser fired into the sky by the European Southern Observatory's Very Large Telescope in order to create an artificial star.

According to OPALS mission manager Matthew Abrahamson, the light was generated from a new laser communications system.

"Four lasers from the ground station travel through the sky toward the space station. Under clear, dark background conditions, it's very easy for the payload to acquire the ground beacon. Daylight conditions have proven more challenging, but we are working on increasing capabilities during the day as well, through software enhancements," Abrahamson told Discovery News about the appearance of the mysterious red spot near the ISS.

UFO sighting over the sky of Statue of Liberty in New York City

Meanwhile, there were rumours of UFO sightings around the Statue of Liberty in New York City this week when a mysterious black balloon shaped object was spotted hovering over the world famous monument.

The video of the hovering orb shaped UFO was taken by Scott Kensington.

"My wife and sister filmed this UFO while visiting New York City this week," Kensington said on his YouTube page.

"She said she was freezing from holding the camera for so long with no gloves. She said at first she thought it was a balloon but it stopped all of a sudden and stayed in one place for a while. She also ran out of disc space hence why the footage suddenly stopped. What the hell was this, guys?"

Some suspect the suspected black flying object to be a government drone while others suspect it to be a solar powered balloon.

However, the way it was flying led many into believing that it was an extraterrestrial object flying over the US.

Watch the video below.