The mystery behind UFOs has attracted several theories and stories. The latest one claims that UFO-seekers are heading to a small hilltop with a Buddha statue in central Thailand.

According to CNN, it is believed that aliens fly over this huge Buddha statue and send telepathic messages. They might even be walking around the surrounding fields. The report went on to claim that they are using a crocodile-infested lake as their portal to transport from one planet to other.

As per the report, the UFOs belong to the planets Pluto and Loku. While there is not much known about Loku, Pluto is referred to as a dwarf planet in our solar system.

It is claimed that this place is located just three hours north of Bangkok at Khao Kala hill in Nakhon Sawan. While there is still no solid evidence regarding aliens' visit to this world, a small group of individuals has reported that the messages from these UFOs contain "plenty of traditional religious teachings." And they believe that these extra-terrestrial beings are probably Buddhists. Meanwhile, people do not guarantee UFO sighting as they are "unpredictable" and spontaneous to appear or disappear.

Previously, the place has attracted religious visitors seeking the view of the large Buddha and nearby "Buddha footprint." However, hearsays about UFO sightings have started attracting UFO seekers, crowding the place, endangering the area's official "protected forest area." This forced the Thai government officials to ban crowding as well as an overnight stay in these areas. Forestry department has recently petitioned the court to ban "mass gatherings" there.

According to the above-mentioned publication, the people who have seen these aliens describe them as small, slender and "silvery humanoids." Illustrations depict four limbs and a bald head.

"There are two types of aliens," Wassana Chuensamnaun, lead campaigner and UFO seeker said. "One group is from the planet, Pluto. The others are from a planet named Loku. There are about 60 other UFO enthusiasts in the group," he added.

The believers believe that if you meditate on this hilltop, you can hear the aliens talking in your head.

In order to get insight into their belief regarding aliens, the publication spoke to Buddhist scholar Veeranut Rojanaprapa, who has a Ph.D. in philosophy and religion from St. John's University in Bangkok.

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"We do not say if it is right or wrong if the human can speak to the alien. But please listen carefully: most of the situations are an only illusion," he said.