Those who miss the breeze of the ocean may soon have the chance to take that much-longed-for cruise from the UK. There is just one caveat though, they would need to get vaccinated before boarding.

Saga Cruises, a cruise line based in the UK, issued a company announcement on Wednesday wherein they said that they would strictly require all their passengers to get a COVID-19 vaccine before they can sail, Fox News reported.

It stated that the vaccination must be done at least 14 days before their schedule to set sail. This requirement must be strictly adhered to, whether one would opt for a river cruise or for a more flamboyant ocean cruise.

The company's expected resumption of services would be on May 4, which would also be the first voyage after a long period of no-cruise at all.

Holiday packages under the Saga Group, which operates tours and hotels, are suspended at least until May 1. Saga would be reaching out to those who have already brooked prior to the said dates so that they could discuss their options.

The COVID-19 vaccination requirement of Saga Cruises can be considered as a pioneer in the coronavirus era. It may be setting the standards in the global cruise industry.

As for cruises in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided a Provisional Condition for Sailing order that would serve as a guide for these cruises. The CDC underscored the importance of adherence to testing, social distancing requirement, and also quarantine and isolation.

Previously, Saga Cruises also announced the health protocols that the cruise ship established for the protection of both its crew and passengers. It stated that for its upcoming cruises, there would be mandatory COVID-19 testing, along with temperature checks, social distancing measures, and a reduced capacity.

The cruise line would also shift to a more protocol-friendly kind of dining. Instead of having the conventional buffet, it may opt for table-service dining instead.

Chris Simmonds, Saga Holidays CEO, wrote a message for their affected guests. He said that he knows that the news is kind of disappointing for many but at the same time he was hoping that their patrons would understand why they made such a decision.

U.K. cruise line to require vaccination before boarding ship. Photo: Pixabay