British Naval forces are taking part in a joint operation with 30 other countries, to sweep the Persian Gulf of mines. As tensions grow between Israel and Iran, over Tehran's nuclear power programme.

The three warships are part of the six-strong British fleet, which are currently, present, in the area. Joining Saudi Arabia, the US and France in a show of strength, which is designed to warn off Tehran from contemplating disrupting trade routes and Israel's threat of attack.

Explaining the role of the British presence, The Defence Secretary Philip Hammond Disruption said, "The UK is committed to a standing presence in the Gulf to ensure freedom of navigation in international waters such as the Straits of Hormuz, and that any attempt by Iran to do this would be illegal and unsuccessful."

Meanwhile, Military officials involved in the Gulf naval exercises, have downplayed the political significance of the operation". With Vice-Admiral John Miller, commander of US Naval Forces saying "this exercise is about mines and the international effort to clear them.

But whatever the explanation, for this committed show of International naval power in the Persian Gulf. Thirty countries supporting each other, and Israel, send a very clear message to iran that they are, all, in it together.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter