Challenging critics

Jobs starts to take a leadership role here. Responding to critics Jobs says that it is "human nature when someone or some organization gets really successful," people just want to tear them down. "Would you rather we be a korean company than an american one?" he answers on accusations that the iPhone screen is not that good.

Lowering Expectations

Apple's Jobs receives an interesting question on how to lower expectations for their products - which are often launched in overwhelming market expectation. "I've thought about that a LOT. We didn't fully understand if there were problems at that point." he admits.

Bloomberg 'is a total crock'

A little retaliation to the media here. Steve Jobs says that the report that they knew about the problems before designing it are wrong. He quite clearly states that he and his colleague Reuben were completely misrepresented.

Future antennae design

Analysts ask Steve whether there will be changes in future antennae design. "We're still working on this - we're happy with the design. ... we're getting a lot of reports from customers that it's way better than the 3GS." adding that their 'wizards in the lab' may be able to find a solution to it. "We have both an AT&T and Verizon cell site set up on our campus" for testing, he adds.


Duncan Stewart from Duncan Stewart Asset Management reckons this may affect the stock - "Apple shares will go down because there has been so much hype built into them, that it's almost impossible for the iPhone to exceed or surpass expectations. It can only meet them." Jobs speaking to the press conferences adds, "To those investors who bought the stock and are down by $5, I have no apology. If we hit a bump in the road, it's like having kids."

Jobs offers free cases

"One for every iPhone 4, if you've bought one we'll give you a refund, and we'll keep this going through September 30th." he says. "We can't source enough ourselves, so we're going to offer you a choice of others." adds Jobs who admits that people who aren't really happy with their iPhone can still get a refund. "So we do all this because we love our users. And when we fall short - which we do sometimes - we try harder" he adds.

Dropped Calls

Jobs admits that iPhone 4 drops calls than iPhone 3GS. "I have my own pet theory about this - when the 3GS came out, there was already a healthy market for cases that fit it. But in our store 80% of iPhones walk out without a case." he says (Looks like a move towards 'free bumper cases'?). Jobs adds that 'more than 500 emails' have been sent to him personally saying they don't know what the problem is.

'Small problem'

Apple says that this problem is a small problem - "The iPhone 3GS's return rate as 6%, below the smartphone average. Everyone was really happy about that. What were they for the iPhone 4? You'd think at least half these people would be returning their phones. Well, we've got the data: it's 1.7%."

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