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Users of the newly announced Nexus 10 tablet will now be able to flash custom ROMs, kernels and modifications on their device by unlocking the bootloader. Those looking to flash such modifications can follow this tutorial.

In addition to unlock, users can also re-lock the bootloader in order to regain the device's warranty. But unlocking the bootloader will wipe away all the data from your device, reset the factory settings and void warranty. Users are advised to make a complete backup of data.

IBTimes UK will not be held responsible if you damage or brick your device.

Unlock Bootloader on Nexus 10:

  • Download and install the Android SDK from here to your computer
  • Download Fastboot to unlock the bootloader
  • Extract the file to any convenient location on your computer. You will now obtain a folder named Fastboot containing four files inside it
  • Download the CWM recovery image
  • Copy the recovery image to the Fastboot folder obtained in step 3
  • Turn device off and boot into Fastboot mode (to do so, press and hold Volume Up, Volume Down and Power buttons until screen turns on and shows up "Start" in green
  • Connect Nexus 10 to the computer using USB cable and wait until Windows installs the drivers
  • Click on Start menu > All Programs > Accessories and right-click on Command Prompt and click on Run As Administrator. If you are using Windows 8, this can be achieved by right-clicking on the extreme bottom left corner of the taskbar and choosing Command Prompt
  • Perform the following steps in the command prompt to unlock the bootloader:
    • Navigate to Fastboot folder. For example, if the Fastboot folder is in C drive then enter cd C:Fastboot in command prompt and press Enter
    • Enter Fastboot devices
    • Unlock the bootloader by entering Fastboot oem unlock in the command prompt
    • You should now see prompt asking whether you want to unlock the bootloader. Select Yes.
  • The tablet will reboot once it starts up

You have now unlocked the bootloader on Nexus 10.

Re-lock Bootloader:

  • Ensure to flash back to a stock firmware and recovery after re-locking the bootloader
  • Ensure all the data is backed-up since data may get wiped during re-lock
  • To lock the bootloader, perform the same steps of the unlock guide, but replace Fastboot oem unlock by Fastboot oem lock
  • The device will then reboot and bootloader will be locked again

You have successfully re-locked the bootloader on Nexus 10.

[Source: The Android Soul]