While the entire United States anxiously awaits the results of the US elections, the potential First Ladies of the White House gave us a closer look into what both camps mirror through their attires.

As the votes continue to pour in, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden stepped out with his wife Jill Biden by his side at a drive-in gathering in his home state of Delaware. While Joe's speech expressed his confidence in the election outcome, it was Jill who provided a message of calm and hope through her outfit.

The 69-year-old educator opted for a pale pink night coat that seemed soft and warm. Her look was simple and made her look approachable. Mrs. Biden exuded a sense of calm amid a stressful and uncertain time as she waved to the crowd in a pair of black gloves and black mask printed with her message of peace and encouragement : " Breathe Positivity".

In an article on the Bustle, it is said that Jill Biden consistently out-styled Melania Trump during the election campaign. Even with Trump's excellent chic style, Mrs. Biden almost always has that relatable look in her choice of clothes while still showing muted elegance and sophistication.

Social media has been raving about her understated election night ensemble lauding her beautiful yet subtle and calming aura. The neutral pink coat was a breath of freshness from the typical Democratic blue hues, as if to show an ethereal and soothing future that awaits America.

Later in the evening, President Donald Trump came up to address his supporters at the White House along with First Lady Melania Trump. His speech evoked his confidence for a strong win even as he asserted his intent to take his election fight to the Supreme Court .

Melania Trump radiated much assertiveness in her chosen attire, sporting a black Dolce & Gabbana pant suit which she opted to match with a white button-up top. She effortlessly pulled the classy ensemble with a classic pair of elegant black pumps. Her "business as usual" vibe for 2020 election night is quite different from the white Ralph Lauren jumpsuit she wore in 2016, where she glowed with excitement. This year, she appeared to have taken a confident and no-nonsense approach in black.

3. Jill Biden
Status: Second Lady of the United States Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed Quotient: warm, friendly prints and colourful dresses In picture: U.S. Vice President Joe Biden's wife Jill Biden poses in front of the historic Taj Mahal in the northern Indian city of Agra July 23, 2013. REUTERS/ Brijesh Singh