USS Abraham Lincoln the American aircraft carrier crossed the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday under the watchful eyes of Iranian patrol boats and aircrafts.

The transit was part of the carrier strike group's Gulf Mission which has recently heightened tension at the major oil transit route.

Strait of Hormuz is owned jointly by Iran and Oman. The strait is only 30 miles (50 kilometers) wide at its narrowest point.

Iran had earlier threatened that any movement of western battleships in the Strait would attract the closure of the narrow passage.

Iran conducted naval exercises in the region in January to reiterate and showcase its military might. The move has given rise to speculations of an impending war in the region and world leaders have began announcing their allegiance to the sides they are supporting.

The transit took place under the watchful eyes of both the forces, with Iranian patrol boats and aircrafts buzzing around the ship and U.S. choppers watching for any potentially hostile movement on the part of Tehran.

Officials on the USS Abraham Lincoln said the surveillance was a routine measure by Tehran and there were "no incidents," the Associated Press has reported.

USS Abraham Lincoln entered the Gulf region in January, 2012, along with British and French warships, and was there for nearly three weeks.