Soak yourself in love on this Valentine's Day, which is being celebrated as usual on 14 February. Many of you must have made plans on how to celebrate this special day with your partner, spouse, friends and family.

Many others must be planning to surprise their love by proposing to them in the most innovative and romantic way possible to make it a day to remember. If you are thinking of getting some inspiration from the most iconic romantic movie scenes to plan your date, then here's help.

IBTimes UK has compiled a list of some of the top romantic scenes and asked Dani Waller aka the Date Whisperer from SpeedDater to break down the scenes and give us a reality check on whether they are practically possible in 2016.

The Notebook: The classic love story of Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) still warms every couple's heart — who can forget their reunion kiss soaked in rain and surrounded by geese? The childhood sweethearts meet several years after being separated by Allie's parents. At the meeting, they cannot contain themselves and end up with that iconic kiss.

Here is what the Date Whisperer has to say about it:

I'd challenge any woman on the planet to resist this line. Men, sometimes all you need is a boat, some geese and a rainstorm. Ok, so not always possible when you live in SW London but it goes to show that simplicity is key when trying to woo a lady. We love the romance.

Romance rating: 4.5/5

The Proposal: It all started with an awkward visa and deportation issue, which forces Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) to ask her assistant Andrew Paxton (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in return for help in publishing his book. But things do not go as planned as they soon start getting attracted to each other after they visit Andrew's hometown. Margaret, however, will leave him on their barn wedding day and return to New York as she feels guilty about the whole matter. But what Andrew did after that is the sweetest thing.

Watch it here:

The Date Whisperer: I love this scene and not just for the dreamy Ryan Reynolds getting his sass on. Sometimes, admitting your true feelings, no matter how vulnerable it makes you feel is the only way to go and one of the core foundations of building and maintaining a successful relationship. Full marks chaps.

Romance rating 5/5

P.S. I Love You: Holly (Hilary Swank) and Gerry (Gerard Butler) and their colourful first meeting in an Irish national park leads them to a memorable kiss. The emotional movie is about love immortal as it narrates how Garry dies of a brain tumour but before dying he has written a series of letters to his wife Holly to help her move on in her life. Their first meeting is one of the final scenes of the movie and is a favourite of romcom lovers for the couple's sweet chemistry.

The Date Whisperer: Ahh, the classic cheeky Irish charm. Whilst I'd never advise barefaced lying to a potential partner, the silliness of the situation and gullible nature of Miss Swank makes for a charming scenario and easily replicated in 2016. For example, in an attempt to make me watch snooker, a previous boyfriend told me one of the players was blind. I believed him. Same thing really.

Romance rating 3/5

Notting Hill: What happens when a top Hollywood superstar falls for a normal travel book shop owner? Well, the result is a classic and sweet love story. Hollywood superstar Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) wanted a book from Will's (Hugh Grant) shop but their meeting was meant to create an eternal bonding and so it did. They met and fell in love but Will finds their affair over the top as there is no match between his relatively middle class lifestyle and that of Anna's lavish starry life. However, Anna has only one thing to say him, 'I am just a girl'.

The Date Whisperer: You NEVER reject Julia Roberts! This was the moment we all wondered what the hell was happening in Hugh's head but a moment that a lot of us have experienced in relationships. The ups and downs of being in love. Sometimes you just have to say enough is enough, then go on a mad dash through London in Ford Mondeo to take it all back. Pointless waste of petrol and in 2016 and the age of WhatsApp most likely to be represented by the 'I'm sorry' flower bouquet emoji.

Romance rating 3/5

Love Actually: And, finally, let's talk about that sweet scene from the Christmas themed romantic movie where the very handsome Mark (Andrew Lincoln minus his gruesome Rick Grimes look and behaviour) proposes to his best friend's newly-wed wife Juliet (Keira Knightley) in the most subtle way possible and the funny thing is she responds to the cue card proposal with a brief yet sweet kiss.

The Date Whisperer: This is a ballsy move from Mr Lincoln, even more so than fighting The Walking Dead. I'd never advise anyone to declare their secret love to their best mates WIFE whilst he sits upstairs blissfully unaware... I also don't think this is realistic in the slightest due to man code, plus any woman that falls for this a week after her nuptials clearly shouldn't be married, Mr Curtis – hang your head in shame.

Romance rating: 0/5

This is our list of romantic movie moments and their ratings. Tell us what your favourite romantic movie scene is. Write in your opinions in the comment box below.