Victoria Secret is always upfront in coming out with innovative lingerie ideas. They have yet again proved that it is not just about the beauty but also comfort.

The latest series of lingerie that has been launched is the one with the "push-up bra". Maximum "uplift" is given to the new series.

The campaign entitled "Angels in Love" features blonde Angels Erin Heatheron, Lindsay Ellingson and Elyse Taylor in a dreamy summer sequence. According to the Daily Mail, the company claims that the new Dream Angels 2-Cup bra is the most comfortable yet and "gives you the support you need with that extra boost to feel your sexiest this summer".

The shoot took place in Miami by photographer Michael Bay. Micheal is known for his Transformer movies, so doing a lingerie shoot for Victoria Secret seemed fairly surprising.

"It seems like this was different than anything he's done - not even one explosion. But he's so talented and fun to work with, he can do it all. This is one of my favourite commercials I've worked on with him. I loved the bohemian feel and the flower headbands. Miami is one of my favourite places to shoot. We were barefoot and outside in a gorgeous atmosphere," Lindsay Ellingson told People magazine.

"When I found out I was shooting for Victoria's Secret, I was extremely excited. This was after Christmas and I love eating a ton, but I worked out a little bit and I'm very excited to be here," Victoria's Secret Angel Elyse Taylor told the Sydney Morning Herald. Elyse was named the face of surfer fashion house O'Neill.

For a change, Victoria's Secret has also launched a perfume with the lingerie brand, namely "Love Is Heavenly." The colour ranges available do look heavenly.

"It's a fascinating combination of scents that perfectly captures the essence of that once-in-a-lifetime moment when you realise that you're irremediably in love. Alluring and fresh, the new Victoria's Secret fragrance will make every girl feel beautiful and sensual. The perfume is an amazing blend of great-smelling and super-delicious aromas," Body Care describes the new perfume.

To see the "behind the scenes" of the 30-second shoot, click here.