Details of British comedian Victoria Wood's will show that she had a fortune of nearly £10m – but gave nothing to Geoffrey Durham, her ex-husband.

She was married to Durham, a magician who performed as the Great Soprendo, for 22 years and it's believed he was with her when she died. Woods suffered from depression after they divorced in 2002, saying: "I take a lot of responsibility. I bear the consequences. I don't feel hard done by.

"I've felt very guilty about my part in it. I felt a failure, completely. That's quite hard to live with."

The TV star who died of cancer in April 2016, left half to the Victoria Wood Charitable Trust. The charity supports causes such as promoting arts and culture, tackling poverty and helping disabled people.

According to the will, which was made public on 16 March, she gave her £4m home in Highgate, London to her children Grace, 28, and Henry, 24.

They also were given Wood's Lake District cottage in Ambleside but were instructed not to sell it "so long as it's enjoyed by family" according to a Sun report.

The Dinnerladies star also donated her diaries, photos and letters to her two children, which she wanted kept private.

Friends and godchildren were given sums from £2,000-£25,000. Woods' siblings Penelope, Rosalind and Chris received £50,000 each.

Her brother Chris Foote Wood published what he called a "warts and all" biography of the comedian which included personal details from their late father's diary. In the journal, Woods' father criticises her for getting "fatter than ever and has more spots".

Foote Wood defended his decision to publish the book Victoria Wood Comedy Genius – Her Life And Work, saying it provided "a unique insight into how an overweight, lonely and unhappy girl overcame early difficulties to build her hugely successful career".

A statue of the late comedian is to be erected in Bury, Lancashire and received a donation of £1,000 from Oscar-winning actress Dame Judi Dench.