Widespread violence and protests are on Cairo's streets as opponents of President Mohamed Mursi demand that he scrap a decree extending his powers that prevents any legal challenges to any decision he takes, until a new parliament is elected.

This footage sees more clashes gathering momentum on side streets near Tahrir Square as police fired tear gas at protesters, and stones were thrown in response.

A make shift tent camp has been set up in the middle of a roundabout and protestors say they won't move until Mursi has made changes to the ruling. A protestor speaking in Arabic said the iruling isn't legally lawful. A retort which many have said likens Mursi to a modern day Phaorah.

With half of the people of Egypt with him and half against, the Egyptian leader is balancing a fine light in passing this legislation. Especially in light of the overthrow of Mubarak, who was widely derided as a dictator, a claim which many are now levelling against Mursi.

Written and presented by Ann Salter