The trial of Wang Lijun a former police chief who defected to a US consulate and triggered the downfall of high ranking politician Bo Xilai whose wife Gu kilai killed the British businessman Neil Heywood. Looks like he will escape the death penalty, after the court trying him credited him with confessing and providing important evidence against others.

This footage shows Wang looking calm and apparently well as he sat in the courtroom at the People's Court, Chengdu. Foreign reporters were barred from attending the trial amid tight security around the court house. This was billed as an "open trial", although it took place under tight security, and with only carefully selected people present. The court heard he was accused of receiving nearly £300,000 or more in bribes, he is also accused of defection, "bending the law to selfish ends" and abuse of power. This defection case revolves around Wang seeking asylum from the Chinese regime as he informed US officials that Kilai was under serious suspicion of intentional homicide, but he deliberately covered up for her so that Bogu Kailai would not be held legally responsible. He then left the US embassy and the court heard how Wang performed "major meritorious services" by exposing serious offences committed by others.

It is these services that Chinese experts believe will secure Wang up to 15 years prison and not the death penalty.

Written and presented by Ann Salter