Do-it-yourself dentistry has flown into a new age with the help of drones as one compassionate father demonstrated by using his flying machine to pull out his daughter's tooth.

Kelly Starrett posted a video online of the moment he decided to use the force of his Millennium Falcon drone to remove the wobbly tooth, tying a piece of floss to the toy and the other end to the front tooth of his surprisingly excited child.

"I love you Chewie!" the girl said just before takeoff. As the drone warped off it whipped out the tooth without a hitch or indication of pain, resulting in cheers all round.

Starrett uploaded the video to his Instagram account @mobilitywod describing how he had been planning the stunt for months and was so impressed with the success he even felt inclined to tag Star Wars creator George Lucas in the post.

Anyone with a wobbly tooth who's eyeing up their own drone might want to think carefully before they try this out themselves. It might look like a new hope but be careful, you could be met with a revenge of the cyst.