British Prime Minister Liz Truss is receiving heat online for being missing in action despite the pound falling to its lowest level in nearly four decades, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) publicly rebuking the country and criticizing UK's tax-cutting plans, and the government announcing £45 billion ($48 billion) in tax cuts for citizens and businesses.

In an interview with CNN, Truss defended her economic plans by saying that her bigger game plan is to "incentivise businesses to invest, and we're also helping ordinary people with their taxes." However, people are losing faith in her as her new policies seem to only serve the already rich and powerful while she leaves everyone else high and dry.

Netizens have taken to using #WhereIsLizTruss to demand accountability and responsibility from Truss and her policies that seemingly "promote inequality" instead of helping the ordinary people as she had promised.

Clara Bates remarked, "For someone who would have her photograph taken while opening an envelope, #LizTruss seems to have disappeared in a puff of inadequate smoke!! #WhereIsLizTruss?"

Similarly, @etty29 tweeted, "Missing: Prime Minister (for how long who knows) If seen please return to House of Commons so she can face the country she supposedly works for. #WhereIsLizTruss #NotMyPM #GeneralElectionNow."

It can be recalled that #GetBackToWorkYouFatPonce also trended when Boris Johnson was spotted relaxing on his second holiday trip in two weeks, amidst an unprecedented energy crisis in the U.K. He later announced his pending resignation and was replaced by Truss.

"Boris Johnson gave you crap coated candy, but at least he gave the illusion that he was your mate. Liz Truss has crapped in your lunchbox and hasn't even bothered to sprinkle it with hundreds and thousands. She's given them to her prefects. #WhereIsLizTruss," shared user @Nurseborisbash.

Truss and MP Kwasi Kwarteng are facing mounting pressure, not just from the IMF and US and German governments but also from citizens who do not feel like their best interests are being served by their PM's no-show amidst these economic crises.

British Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Liz Truss makes a statement on sanctions in Ukraine