Apple is tipped to be releasing a white iPod touch with minor changes in October, alongside the iPhone 5 and a redesigned iPod nano.

The Cupertino firm is expected to hold a press conference in the next few weeks, possibly the first week of October, where it is set to launch a white iPod touch to go alongside the current black model, mimicking the iPhone 4 range.

The new iPod touch is expected to get an oleophobic coating on the screen which prevents finger prints and smudges appearing and a revised ambient light sensor, although there is no word yet on an increase in storage capacity, which has steadily increased since the iPod touch line was introduced in 2006.

Leaked photographs today appear to show a white screen on the body of a black iPod touch, suggesting that little else will be changed, despite previous reports of 3G-enabled iPod touches appearing this year.

The new 5th generation iPod touch is expected to be announced soon and be available in the middle of October, alongside the iPhone 5 and new operating system iOS5.

It is also being reported today that the Golden Master of iOS5 will be released to developers on September 23rd. When software becomes Golden Master it is ready to be distributed to the general public, which will reportedly take place when the new iPhones and iPods and announced.

The iPod nano has undergone several major design changes in recent years, adopting a new form-factor and touchscreen last September; currently it seems unlikely that the nano wll see a major overall this year.

The iPod most closely resembling the original model is the classic, which has not been updated for more than two years now and Apple might be looking to phase it out once the iPod touch range can match it for storage capacity, currently the classics unique selling point.