Helen Wood
Wood was crowned the winner of Big Brother in 2014. Getty

Helen Wood is back in the headlines in relation to an injunction which protects the identity of the married British actor who paid her for sex in 2011.

The actor was granted an anonymised privacy injunction in the UK in 2011, after the Hon. Mr. Justice King ruled that nothing should be published to identify the man known as NEJ. Despite his identity being readily available on social media, the injunction prevents UK media from revealing it – but he is set to be unmasked in the US.

Woods, who was initially known as BDZ in the case, before her identity was revealed, claims that the actor paid her £195 for their sex session and allowed her to use a sex toy on him. "He came out of the shower naked," she said of the encounter in an interview in the US which will be released on 4 May. "I asked him if he wanted a massage and I gave him one. She added that she was repulsed by his kissing technique because he "kissed like a virgin."

Speaking to The Sun, the former sex worker, who initially rose to notoriety after a threesome with football star Wayne Rooney, said that it was "stupid" that the UK media remain gagged.

"I read about the other injunction involving a celeb threesome and an olive-oil bath and have seen the name everywhere on the internet," she told The Sun. "It's strange that the rest of the world knows who these stars are but newspapers in the UK can't report it."

In 2011, King stated the actor was "likely to establish that he has a reasonable expectation that which he does in his private life by way of sexual encounters, albeit with a prostitute, should be kept private".