Windows 10 is getting a new version soon. The Windows 10 2020 version is expected to have many new features including an enhanced Cortana. The voice assistant has been called out for being intrusive and appearing in every activity without being summoned.

While the latest update, the 19H2 one is focused on stability, Windows 10 2020, codenamed 10 20H1 is expected to have a less controversial version of Cortana.

The Cortana revamp was announced in July last year. The new version is expected to have both light and dark themes and a new chat-like interface, which will make it more interactive.

It will also have multi-language support – all features will be available regardless of what primary language is set. Currently, most features are available only to users who have set display language as English (US).

"We expect to support the same set of regions and languages we currently support in retail by 20H1 launch. We will share more details of our language roll out plans as they progress and appreciate your patience during this transition period," the company stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft will also move away from password logins, which have been in use for decades and instead go for passwordless logins. Support will also be enhanced for devices with ARM64 processor architecture using Windows Subsystem Linux. This will enable it to diversify from Intel.

The company has offered the voice assistant to select users who are a part of its Bing Insider program.

Other features that have been added are -- multi-select and advanced search, inside the operating system. General improvements in bugs and glitches are also being worked upon. Microsoft claims that this decreases device freezing by 98 percent.

One good change is that Outlook won't automatically launch when a user clicks on email notification. This fares well for those who are using Gmail alone, which comprises the majority of email users.

The update is expected to be launched in October this year.

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